About Me

I’m Yukito, a 33 years old hobbyst writer and 3D artist, trying to make a living out of my art. I came up with the universe called Echaria in 2019, after a few other universes already created.

I always loved to write, and been writing since I was 19 years old, but never published anything. Only in 2021 I decided to start publishing my stories, when I created the first version of Yukito’s Corner on uCoz.

About Site

I created the original Yukito’s Corner back in December 31st, 2021, and put all my stories there. After issues with uCoz, I decided to go to Google Sites and put the stories there. But now, I have this one, and I’m slowly adding the stories here.

As soon as I have most of the content here, I’ll start closing the other sites for good, and this one will be the main home for all my stories and art.



Single Angle: $32¹.
Comic Strip(6 panels): $90.($40 base for one pic, plus $10 per panel)
IRAY Only, I don’t have much 3DLight content
Images will be post-processed in Affinity Photo.
All values are for one character. $10 per additional character.

All images, except for the comic strip, will be rendered in 1920×1080(HD).

Commission Rules

  1. No furries. While I don’t have anything against, I don’t do art with furries.
  2. No sex.
  3. No underage. While I have no problem with teens in distress like Penny Gadget, I must follow the platform’s rules.
  4. Stricken-through means I don’t offer that service.
  5. Please continue the same conversation in the email when asking for changes in step 4 below.
  6. Please don’t ask me in DeviantArt Notes, use my provided email to request the commission. Notes about commissions will be ignored. Also, don’t ask me in DeviantArt chat, Minds Messenger, Pixiv DMs or Twitter DMs about commissions. I use email due to the organization it provides.
  7. For Step 2, if I take more than a day to respond, it means I can’t find the prop or model required for that scene.

Commission Process

  1. Please have a look at my gallery here. If that’s what you want, send me an email explaining what you want of your scene. Also, please tell me if you want multiple angles or more than one scene. Check the prices section to see what I offer. When sending the email, please write “Commission” on the subject line.
  2. Please allow me a day to check my props and see if what you requested is doable. I’ll send you a reply regarding it along with my paypal/Skrill.
  3. To send the money, please mention ART COMMISSION only, nothing else. As soon as I receive the money(which may take some time depending on the gateway), I’ll start working on the commission.
  4. When I have a rough preview done, I’ll send it to you with a watermark so you can see if you want changes. Send me a list of changes back and I’ll work on them.
  5. I’ll send another email in the same conversation when I have the image done and am on post-processing stage.
  6. Once the post processing is done, I’ll send you a link to download a zip file containing the commission.

Story Commissions

For story commissions, please read this shop item.