General Info

Buckinstone is a patriarchal nation located in North Umora, Echaria. Borders Porkus to the south and Grayssau to the north. It’s know officialy as Ministerial Republic of Buckinstone, governed by a elected Prime Minister. Holds elections every five years to determine who will be the next prime minister in office during the last months of the current one’s government. The capital is Buckinstone Ridge, a large and rich city.

Government and Politics

Buckinstone is governed by a prime minister, who holds all the power in the state. The current prime minister is Travis Smith, having taken office at the beginning of the year 2076(the current year in Echaria). He was elected in the previous year after a long election campaign.

Below the prime minister, there are a few congressists, who bring out new laws and help repeal old ones that aren’t needed anymore.

Also, government doesn’t influence household matters. So, households, respecting the nation’s laws, can have their own rules, set by the patriarch.


The buckese(nation adjective) society is very patriarchal. In the society, the man has all the power inside the household. He is able to demand obedience from his wife and order her around the house, as doing chores and everything else. Women cannot vote or exercise any rights beyond what is established in the Code of Female Directives, which establishes everything a woman can, must and cannot do in the country.

Law and Order

Order in Buckinstone is maintained by the nation’s police force, which is comprised by thousands of police soldiers and split between the nation’s provinces. Also, operating along with the soldiers, there are police drones, which patrol the cities and alert police cruisers in case of problems.

Buckinstone Ridge Civil Force
The police force in the capital city of Buckinstone Ridge. Comprised of one hundred thousand police soldiers, this is the biggest force in the whole nation. It protects the city of Buckinstone Ridge from normal crimes.

Buckinstone Special Operations Force
Deployed to deal with dangerous situations like shootouts and barricaded suspects, the Special Operations Force is the best trained force in the whole nation. Disciplined and strong, this force is unstoppable.

Buckinstone’s Strategic Health Division
A highly trained special force, same level as the special operations one. This one deals with health emergencies and takes down anyone who use health emergencies to commit biohazard crimes. They acted during the Dermal Spores Pandemic. One known agent of this force is Captain Adrian Blake, a captain in the capital Division, who, after a two year battle, toppled the government and the division started to rule the nation from there.