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Unlike our real world, education in Buckinstone has some different rules for males and females.

Male Education

The male students curriculae has Maths, Buckese(their official language), science, geography and history. Other subjects include Socio-Political Organization, which is a subject that talks deeper about the history of the country and its actions to keep things the way they are; and basic home economics.


Buckese is the main language in Buckinstone. Students learn it during the pre-school years and continue learning it up to the last year of school.


The history subject talks about the early history from when the country was established to the present day, going through the revolts, the low education era and other things. History continues through the grades up to the 9th grade, learning about Echaria itself, Ebrington and others.


Science in buckese schools teach about the general known diseases, animal biology, microbiology and other subjects.
In grades 5 to 8, science is broken up into Biology, Physics One and Chemistry One. In biology, students get a deeper view on everything biologic, from normal to microbiology, including diseases caused by viruses and vermins.
Physics One gives a glimpse on the physics that the world works around. And chemistry one teaches about the periodic table, elements and early reaction chemistry.
In grades 9th to 11th, Biology Two, Physics Two and Chemistry Two are taught. Biology 2 and Chemistry 2 cross over as students get a deep view on medical substances and their effects on their bodies and other subjects that connect Biology and Chemistry together.
Female students have a quite different take during Chemistry 2.

Home Economics

Once students reach the 7th grade, Home Economics is introduced, where students learn the basics of managing the home economy, which talks about taxes, money accountability, frugal spending, cost-cutting measures and calculating bills. HE also crosses over with Physics, as it also teaches how calculate power spending and how to not waste power.


Trade means to learn a useful job, students are presented with choices like electrician, plumber, personal driver, assistant eSports coach¹, assistant eSports analyst¹, doctor aide², assistant manager², lawyer aide², etc. They can also become e-sports players.
¹: Has career plans to advance to main coach or analyst once the student either turns 18 or gets skilled enough. Mandatory period is two hours per day, six days per week.
²: These aide and assistant jobs require graduation in their fields to advance to the full fledged career. Mandatory two hours per day, six days per week.

Female Education

Most of the subjects for female students are the same as their male counterparts. However, female students get Finishing instead of Chemistry 2 and Biology 2 and Ballet instead of Home Economics and Trade.


Finishing teaches female students about how to behave in social situations and how to behave in the house as a whole. In finishing, they are taught about homemaking, cooking, cleaning and sewing. Along with how to attend to their home role, be quiet and serve their future husbands. They are presented with many situations where their opinions have no significance and how to better perform their roles.
After being brought back in 2041, a new regulation was put in place, requiring that female students also wear the ballet set during the finishing class, which meant that students whose parents couldn’t buy the set were punished with the sleep punishment.

Ballet & Elite Dancing

This art of graciously dancing was also a required subject for female students. Parents had to buy the ballet set, which was a pink leotard and purple tights. Students whose parents couldn’t buy the set had to remain in the classrooms and listen to an audio that made them drowsy and forced them asleep.
In Ballet, the girls learn many dance routines, focusing on graciousness and detailed movements. Along with ballet classics, students also have to learn routines for known love ballads such as Love & Graciousness by HKD45, pop culture songs like We Are One by Band Brothers and others.
They also learn about the required accessory which is a pink tape with purple hearts drawn on it. The girls had to put it on their mouths whenever they would dance, as the tape means they will silently and politely dance for their husbands. Although, the females have the option of wearing a cloth instead.
Also, they were required to dance at least one hour in supervision of their parents at home and had to dance in several school events, both focused on ballet and as an opening number for non-ballet events.


Female students from 14 to 17 can also pursue e-sport careers like player and assistant coaches. It will replace other subjects. Females can not proceed to becoming coaches, only players.
Also, their parents must obtain a legal permission for them to continue working as players after they turn eighteen. Failure to do so will lead to them being repossessed and sold on the government’s marriage market. It’s not a hard document to obtain, the parents must only prove that their child is earning money through the electronic sports job.

Abolition of Ballet and Finishing

In 2021, Victor Vercetti turned Ballet into a optional discipline and abolished Finishing, citing it was too sexist for females to go through, specially Finishing. In 2041, Augustus Medici brought back those disciplines into the standard curriculum. Due to the absence of finishing, many students graduated without the required subjects and went out to be bad, controlling and golddigging wives. When they were brought back, Medici set up an emergency measure to require double the Finishing and Ballet hours before graduation came around.

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