Buckinstone History

The history of Buckinstone is split into several eras, although four of them will be explained here.

Modern Era(2001-2020)

Carrying things that came from the Military Dictatorship, the modern era, or modern age kept everything established there, but relaxed on a few things.

Education and Health indexes were at all times high, with pristine security and lots of other things.

It was also in the modern age that the voting right came for the citizens of Buckinstone. Citizens could now vote on their representatives for the senate and congress, but still, it was not direct voting.

The noble certification was also enacted, and citizens who did something big for the nation were recognized as noble citizens and were granted special rights.

Thus came the right for noble citizens to elect their top representative, the prime minister. Only certified nobles could vote for the prime minister.

Upon taking office after the dictatorship, Augustus Medici brought back the voting and started to do several enhancements on the nation’s politics, policies and other things.

Still in the first term, Medici drafted, based in the book My Wife and I, the Code of Female Directives, which mandated what women could and could not do. One thing the CFD did was strip women of all rights, including voting and right to drive. Right to drive a vehicle was acquired in 1970 for them, during the dictatorship. It was removed due to a bunch of accidents caused by women, which flooded hospitals with patients. The CFD went into effect in 2003.

In the second term(2006 to 2010), the code was edited to add punishments the husbands could do to their wives. Also, the security devices law went into effect, allowing citizens to build and buy security devices like alarms, cameras and other devices for their homes.

Also in the second term, Medici doubled the police numbers and brought more power to them, which caused some revolts.

Female protests happened in Buckinstone Ridge and Medici acted fast to quell it, putting them in jail and releasing them one by one back home.

After this protest, Medici put into effect a law called the Revolt Law, which turned all who participated in revolts that prevented resources and citizens from travelling around into criminals.

Protests died down and Medici repealed the Revolt Law at the last year of his second term(2010).

Albert Parker, an ally of Medici, was then elected as prime minister and took office in 2011. He had a much more relaxed way of dealing with protests, which was simply to capture protestors and send them back home.

Parker only managed the country and nothing out of the ordinary happened in his government, until the end of his second term.

As a way to open the country more, Parker repealed the Voting Prohibition for women in 2019 and also removed the restriction for normal citizens to vote for the prime minister. Parker’s action was the downfall of the nation.

And, in 2020, Victor Vercetti was elected, the first left wing prime minister. He was elected with part of the normal citizens vote and part of the female votes.


Left Wing Era(2021-2040)

With Victor Vercetti taking office in 2021, he repealed the Code of Female Directives in its entirety, giving all rights back to the women.

Vercetti performed several reforms, such as turning slavery into a crime(was introduced during the dictatorship).

He also reformed the school system to be more acceptive to several different people, including some immigrants from Porkus.

The schools went from elite to people and the grades started to fall.

To act on some student’s grades falling, Vercetti implemented the Universal Class Grade, which was a system where teachers had to calculate test grades, sum them and get an average, then give the average to the whole class. Which meant, everyone would get the same grade, regardless of the effort.

Students who studied hard hated UCG, but it was there to stay. Parents of the best students complained to the schools, but the schools said it was a government measure.

With UCG, public schools lost their best students, who went to private schools. The private schools, being businesses, didn’t have to apply the UCG, so, students flourished on them.

Still, parents who had to pay for the private schools for their kids hated it and brought the case to their representatives, who tried to act and repeal it.

The representatives fought both in congress and senate, and almost got it, until Vercetti pulled another card. He gave UCG control to the Ministry of Education, who was his ally. Being a minister, only Vercetti himself could repeal the measure or his minister ally.

But, the fight was lost. Going to the Ministry meant the UCG was system wide, and private and charter schools had to implement it.

All schools were affected by UCG with no exceptions, leaving the distressed parents to turn to homeschooling. Parents started to hire private tutors for their kids and the kids started to do school at home, using their computers.

Elections came again and Vercetti won by a really small margin. With another term, Vercetti introduced the No Child Left Behind Act, which main purpose was to put a ban on Homeschooling and restrict all learning content in the internet. Conflicting books were banned, private tutors were stripped of their jobs and had to join the public or private schools for work. The UCG was also put under the NCLB banner. Also, all homeschooling students had to return to school in a grade lower than their knowledge, as the school system thought they were behind.

In health, Vercetti implemented the Affordable Care Act, which forced hospitals to care for everyone, disregarding their background, social class, race, etc. Due to the affordable care act, the money had to come from somewhere, so Vercetti increased taxes, specially in fields he saw as profitable, like e-sports.

He also opened the borders and allowed people without any kind of visa to enter the nation, and ordered records to not be kept. Workers still kept records, as they would need in the future. People from Ebrington and Porkus started to flood the country and bring more spending, which made Vercetti increase taxes even more to put the people into the affordable care act.

Elections came again and his discipule, a woman named Lorraine Anderson, was elected as the first female Prime Minister.

Lorraine continued her friend’s work as a prime minister and brought more reforms, specially regarding women’s rights.

Another act of hers was dubbed by people as the Unfair Elections act. The act sneakily added another point for a left wing candidate whenever a voter cast the vote for one. Conservative candidates would get one point per vote, while Left candidates would get two per vote.

Lorraine also introduced the Unfair Police act, which made police stand down whenever a protected person(pork, LGBTQIA, etc) was commiting a crime.

Elections came another time and Lorraine won against Medici by a huge margin.

One year into her second term, the Dermal Spores pandemic hit the whole world. Lorraine was slow to act and by 2039, the pandemic reaped 500.000 lives and killed another 359.000 due to famine caused by closures.

Seeing so many deaths, the Strategic Health Division entered into action, helped around by tending to the affected and its military deposed Lorraine.

A military junta named by the SHD director, Anderson Werner took office as a interim prime minister until the next power transition.


Closure Era(2041-2060)

Augustus Medici took office again and went much harder than before. He reenacted the Code of Female Directives and added prohibition IX, which said that no female could take a prime minister, congress or senate office. He repealed the No Child Left Behind act, the Affordable Care Act, the Universal Class Grade and the open borders policy. Also ordered the deportation of all those who entered during the open borders policy, calling them unwanted “citizens”.

In the second year, the schools reacted and grades went up a notch, kind of a miracle after 20 years of bad education. The students that left the public school were back and everything was okay again.

In his third year, Medici enacted Martial Law for three years and set out to fix everything Vercetti did wrong. In the middle of 2045, he repealed the martial law and let elections run again. He also put back in effect the noble citizen policies and brought back slavery with a few reforms. As he said, slavery could only happen with a debt or by slander(proved in court).

The fourth year was marked by female protests, which Medici went harder on. Instead of only sending them to prison, they were captured and sent to the Maltane Institute in buses. Several females were sent there and faced a six-month prison sentence. Also, aberrations(as he called them, the TQIA people) were also sent in for cognitive realignment treatment.

During the same year, Medici enacted an all-day curfew for lonely females. Any female in the streets without a male companion was to be apprehended, where she would be identified and only sent home when a male family member came to retrieve her in the police precinct.

In the fifth year, Medici put forth a full ban on abortion, which completely banned abortion and made conception final. More protests ensued and they were dealt with the same way as before.

In the final martial law year(the sixth year), Medici put the high school restriction in the CFD(it was not there before).

In the same year, Medici enacted the Pediatric Medicine law as an amendment to item X of the code of prohibitions. This basically said that females who applied to medicine were directed to pediatric medicine, and females were only allowed to take the spot if their male companions or family members filed their paperwork, they had no freedom in this regard.

He went until 2050 and elected Kaidan Bancroft, who was his ally to lead the nation.

In 2051, Kaidan worked to keep the reforms Medici did and did some more of his own. The crime law was rewritten to put as crimes things the right wing party hated, such as what they considered the abominations.

In his second year, Kaidan did one of his strictest laws, called the Female Gag Law. The law shut down all streaming and content creating channels head by females. No female could have a streaming or content creating channel or social network.

The law pertained until the government changed to Jonathan Bancroft in 2060, as Bancroft repealed the law and introduced better control with bots scrubbing channels in search of offending content.


Golden Era(2061-Present)

Jonathan took office and introduced better control with bots in social networks, policing social media channels for offensive content. Also kept the nation working and prospering.

And in 2070, Kaidan took office again, keeping the law Jonathan introduced and fighting all the protests against the right wing government in power.

In 2075, Travis Smith was elected and took office in the following year.