Electronic Sports Law

Article I: Of the Events

I – The e-sports events, or electronic sports, are organization against organization championships.

II – All events are through the internet, referred as “online”, in specified dates.

III – The events have the government of the Ministerial Republic of Buckinstone’s full support, chancellation and sponsorship.

IV – The events have specified rules, explained in the government’s e-sports page.
A – It’s in E-Sports – Rules.
B – Everything is explained in the E-Sports Committee’s rules, and have to be followed in order to have the government’s sponsorship and chancellation.
1. Events that don’t follow the rules will not have the government’s support.
C – Class B(amateur) events will not have any kind of sponsorship.

Article II: Of the Professional Organizations

I – Professional E-Sports Organizations are companies where all members work in the e-sports area.

A – They should follow all rules established here.
B – Professional Organizations must have:
1. Players, or e-athletes;
2. Coaches;
3. IT Teams, in case of problems with the computer systems;
4. Psychologists, in order to maintain the player’s mental state;
5. Administrators, or CEOs, who are the owners of the organization;
6. Public relation officers, who keep in contact with the fans;
7. Personal trainers, to oversee gym sessions.
C – Required Facilities that must be offered to players include training rooms, bedrooms, psychology office, gym, IT office, meeting rooms, etc.

Article VI: Of Penalties to Players and Professional Organizations

I – Matchfixing, which is the act of combining results with the opponent team, in order to obtain personal benefits, if:
A – One player;
1. Punishes with one season(1 year) absence from competitions and withholding of salaries;
B – Multiple Players;
1. Punishes with one season absence for the whole team, or;
2. Firing without employment fines.
C – If it’s a female team, it can be asked to the e-sports committee that the players are punished with forced work inside of the organization.
1. In this case, the whole team gets punished and spends one year away from Women’s Circuit(december 1st of the current year to december 9th of the next year);
D – If the organization doesn’t take measures, it will be fined with:
1. BK$120,000 + demotion to a lower league

II – Cheating, which is using illegal auxiliary programs to obtain an advantage:
A – Firing without employment fines;
B – For female teams, the organizations may opt to force players to work inside the organization.
1. The players will spend one year away from the female circuit;
2. The players will execute inside jobs chosen by the organization’s leader.
C – If the organization doesn’t take measures, it will be penalized with demotion to a lower league.
1. If the organization doesn’t take measures, and it’s a female team, the e-sports committee will request forced work to be applied.

III – Exploit Abusing, which is defined as exploring a bug in the game to get an advantage.
A – Punished with firing without employment fines;
B – Female teams may be forced to work in other jobs, and spend one year away from the women’s circuits.
1. Female players can also be fired, but the offense will stay in their player records.

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