Republic of Ebrington

Ebrington, or Socialist Republic of Ebrington, is a country located in the West Imura continent in Echaria. It borders Kowloon to the west.

It is a matriarchal nation, led by a female president.

Government and Politics

Ebrington is led by a female president, who shares the power with the congress and senate.

The government heavily focuses in controlling the families, specially giving all the support to women.

All policies have women in focus and declare men as secondary citizens.


Society in Ebrington puts all the focus on women. Women can do anything in the country and have the power to refuse helping a man in need. And, ebringtonese women have the right to vote, previously removed from men, and all rights, including protection from human rights policies. Men have to act weak, the so called Cucks, or risk being sent to prison.


Laws are enforced by Ebrington’s police force, totally composed by women. The nation also has an army, but completely disorganized and made by women.

Heinous crimes don’t have a proof requirement. All that matters is the woman speaking out. So, Sexual Harassment, rape and others are crimes that don’t need proof, and the prison sentences start at a minimum of fifty years. Which means, if a man doesn’t act like he should, or look at women in a strange way, it’s also considered moral harassment, which has the same weight as sexual harassment if the victim is a female.

Ebrington also has a law that, whoever wants to create motion content on the internet, like cartoons, videos and livestreams, have to pay a broadcast license, which costs EB$6.500.000(approximately BK$6.500,00). Which means, whoever wants to use Mastodon(a social network in Echaria, like Facebook) or other social networks to broadcast content has to have this license.

In Ebrington, it’s a crime to broadcast any kind of video/streamed content without this license. Female Senators and Congressists from Ebrington say that this is necessary to control the unnoficial media, and to sue whoever disobeys the “national freedom of speech”. But, some rebel citizens say that it exists more to silence media focused in men and push female media.

Civilian Marriages

In marriages, the women have rights to whatever their male partners bring to the relationship, everything is owned by the woman after marriage. Beside that, women control the house money and everything else.

Divorces have no fault in the woman’s part. If she cheats, she doesn’t have to pay any compensation and gets 75% of what the couple had, specially what the man brought to the relationship. If he cheats, he loses everything.

It’s a crime if a man abandons a child with the woman, and can be sued for alimony.

Women’s Rights

Women in Ebrington have the right to have any job they want, to vote, protest, sue for sexual harassment or rape, do abortions without guilt, etc.


Ebrington’s currency is called Ebbie(EB$) and is very undervalued in comparison with the Buck(Buckinstone/BK$), at a value of BK$0,001. The ebringtonese citizen’s buying power is pretty low due to the undervalued currency.


The minimum wage in Ebrington goes around EB$750.000, instituted via a decree. Jobs are scarce, with people being turned to creating content and having to pay the broadcasting license to work.